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Alicia White

First, Nancy offers a practical approach to discovering your passion. Then she lists steps that are easy to follow and serve as an excellent guide to potentially turning your passion into a profit generator.

Nancy also touches on the challenges that may occur when following your passion and brilliantly describes how to overcome them. It’s a great read for those who are ready to make money from something they love.

Joseph Silva

I couldn't have found it at a better time either. I was feeling down about my decision to pursue entrepreneurship, and found this book. It not only validated my decision to make the leap, it supplemented it with great action tips for getting started.

I highly recommend this book. It is easy to read, and will leave you excited to get started.


Without ignoring potential pitfalls, the author makes a well-informed case for moving away from the 9-5 work model and embracing one's own passions and skills to achieve financial independence and give back to the world.

Whether you want to become a digital entrepreneur, proprietor of a brick-and-mortar operation or simply a more well-rounded, happier individual, you'll enjoy this book.

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Nancy Gathecha

Hello, passion follower!

Thanks for getting this workbook. Looking forward to hearing about your passion to profit journey.